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About Beyond Performance:

Beyond Performance is a small Multidisciplinary sports injury centre based in the suburb of Tokai, Cape Town.

We specialise in sport & lifestyle specific performance training, Pre-habilitation & Rehabilitation for athletes of all levels.

We are a small, down to earth team, who strive to better our clients’ lives through personalised sessions and commitment to helping them reach their goals.


Beyond Performance Services offered: ( Read more on the Beyond performance website here)


Physiotherapy includes the diagnosis, treatment and management of sports related injuries. Assessment of contributing factors, initial treatment, development and management of a Pre / Rehabilitation plan.

Treatment techniques include muscle & fascial release, joint mobilisation, dry needling, strapping & taping, nerve gliding and postural & biomechanical training specific to your sport.


Biokinetics involves rehabilitation of sports related injuries and prehabilitation. It incorporates specific strength and flexibility training as well as education on best biomechanics for you.

Sports massage

Sports massage is one of the best ways to recover from high training loads or stresses. Manual manipulation of your myofascial layers during a targeted massage stimulates blood flow and helps to normalize your muscle tone.


Lyno is the treatment of fascial adhesions throughout your body using a specific manual technique. It s treatment is aimed at unlocking your potential through releasing adhered layers of connective tissue. The fascial restrictions to your movement and strength are a product of your activities, postures and injuries over the years.


Pilates incorporates specific strength and flexibility training, teaching you how to activate and move in the correct sequences. Pilates starts as one-on-one training from where you will progress to group sessions.

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Who is Beyond Performance:

 Julia Fisher

Julia is one of our amazing physiotherapists. She is an energetic and enthusiastic personality who really understands the human body. Her eye for detail allows her to identify even the subtlest of movement issues that might be contributing to bigger injuries. Julia also practices Lyno which allows her to get results through hands on treatment and movement rehabilitation. Julia completed her Doctorate in Exercise Physiology at the University of Cape Town, where she specialized in paddling biomechanics. This has provided her with a wealth of knowledge in terms of how the human body should move to both improve performance and avoid injury.

Devon Coetzee

Devon is our resident biokineticist and has a passion for movement. He specializes is working with endurance athletes and has worked with professional cycling teams and runners throughout his career. Devon is also a running coach, and works with athletes of all levels, from those wanting to learn how to run 5km, to others who compete at the highest level.

He is currently studying is PhD in exercise physiology, which is focused on running shoes and how they influence running biomechanics and injury. The world of running footwear is often complex and misleading, so getting advice from a biokineticist and footwear professional is very rare and highly beneficial.

Bridget Coetzee

Bridget is our Operations Manager, Pilates instructor and sports massage therapist. That’s right, she does it all! A more caring person is hard to find. Bridget has taken her marketing background and moulded it into a clinical/sports specific career by studying sports science and health related courses. Her holistic approach at Beyond Performance allows her to provide a very effective treatment method. From treating lower back pain through Pilates to releasing tight neck muscles with massage, she is always busy helping others feel and perform better.

Jessica Glass

Jess practices both physiotherapy and Lyno. Her background as a highly talented athlete (national level) and her ability to assess and treat almost any type of injury makes her one of the most sought-after physiotherapists around. Jess is easy-going and creates a very comfortable and relaxed environment with her clients, whist still providing professional and effective treatment.

Kurt Europa

Kurt is our head sports massage therapist and practices Lyno. With over a decade of experience, Kurt has worked with the full spectrum of clients, from elite athletes to those just seeking some relaxation. Kurt has perfected the art of finding and releasing tight or over-worked muscles to provide an overall sense of mobility and ‘lightness’. In addition to hands on treatment, Kurt offers other forms of therapy including cupping and vibration therapy.

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